What are the three types of engine oil?

What are the three types of engine oil?

There are three main types of engine oil: mineral, semi-synthetic, and full-synthetic.

Mineral engine oil is also known as conventional engine oil. It is the least refined oil sourced from the ground and is the cheapest. It provides less performance and engine protection. It also needs to be changed more frequently. If you are driving an older vintage car, you will probably get mineral engine oil.

Semi-synthetic engine oil is a blend of mineral and synthetic oil, with artificial additives added to give extra performance but at a lower price than full synthetic engine oils. It balances the economy of the mineral oil and the performance of full synthetic oil.

Full synthetic engine oil is a highly refined motor oil designed to meet the complexity of the latest engine, which is getting smaller in size but more powerful in performance. When the engine becomes smaller, the pressure inside the engine is also getting higher. Therefore, more efficient engine oil is needed to meet fuel efficiency, deliver higher performance, and provide better engine protection. The price is the most expensive of the three types of engine oil.

If your car needs an engine oil change, which types of engine oil should you choose?

You can check the oil reservoir cap on the engine, which will tell you which oil your car requires. You can also refer to the owner’s manual for the detail of engine oil type, grades, and industry specifications recommended for your vehicle.

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