Types of windshield wipers

Types of windshield wipers

Windshield wipers are one of our car’s vital auto parts, and their importance is often neglected. It helps to keep your vision clear when you drive in rainy weather. Road accidents are often caused by poor vision. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that you get the correct wipers for your specific car model to work as it is designed.

What types of windshield wiper blades should you get?

Three main types of wipers are currently available in the auto parts shop: traditional, flat, and hybrid.

The traditional wiper blades consist of a metal, plastic central bridge and articulated links with 4 to 8 pressure points (depending on the blades’ length). It is commonly used in older car models and is getting less common nowadays.

The new vehicle is commonly adapted flat beam or hybrid blades. It has a better aerodynamic shape that helps reduce noise when driving on the highway at high speed. Unlike traditional wipers, the beam wiper is curved and fits more “closely” to the windshield. It is more efficient at wiping, providing better visibility and less air resistance.

The hybrid blades combined the best features of both the traditional and beam blades: the aerodynamic design of the beam blade and the perfect windscreen contact of the traditional wiper blade.

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