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Nissan CVT NS-2 Transmission Fluid


Nissan CVT NS-2 Transmission Fluid for Nissan’s XTRONIC CVT.

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A Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) provides simple, efficient power delivery creating better fuel economy than traditional transmissions. With CVT, shifting is seamless – the vehicle performs as though it has a variable gear for every driving situation, and you won’t feel any shift shock. It uses a steel belt or chain and a pulley system to move up and down the gear ratio in continuously smooth motion, providing seamless, stronger acceleration and increased fuel economy.

CVT VS Automatic Transmission

The real difference between a continuously variable transmission (CVT) and an automatic transmission (AT) is that while both are technically automatic transmissions and don’t require the driver to use a clutch to manually change gears, a traditional automatic transmission has fixed gears -typically ranging from five to nine in number. Nissan’s XTRONIC CVT and all CVTs don’t have any traditional fixed gear ratios at all. There is no “shifting” in the conventional sense of the word.

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