What is a cabin air filter?

What is a cabin air filter?

A car’s cabin air filter is known as the air filter or a/c filter (air-conditional filter). No matter what model of the vehicle, you can often find it in the front cabin area. The function of the cabin air filter is to filter the air that flows through the ventilation of the HVAC system (Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning) before the air goes inside the car’s cabin. The a/c air filter will remove any dust or airborne material and clean the air fresh and clean. It will help to remove odour inside the car to make your ride a pleasant experience.

How often should you replace the cabin air filter?

When you should replace the air filter depends on a few factors, such as how often you drive and how much you drive? The condition in the area and the traffic you are driving is also deciding factor. If you often drive in an urban area with poor air quality, you may need to replace the cabin filter more often.

It also depends on the brand and manufacturer of the air filter you installed in your car’s cabin, as the quality and performance of different air filter brands vary.

The sign when you need to replace a new cabin air filter

When you notice a significant drop in the airflow through the air conditioner system, louder noise in the HVAC system, or a persistent bad odour, it’s about time to have your air filter checked and replaced if necessary.

If you need help determining which air filter is best for your car, feel free to drop us a message below, and our friendly assistant will contact you!

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